Thursday, February 5, 2009


To start off under my new name, I am offering a COMPLIMENTARY PORTRAIT SESSION!!

It is the easiest contest, all you have to do is leave me a comment under any of my posts for the next week. Next Friday the 13th, I will choose one lucky commenter! How easy is that?? You can leave one comment or multiple comments over the next week to increase your chances. So, any of you out there that frequently visit my blog, now is the time for you to come on out and leave a comment. That will give you the chance to win a FREE portrait session!

The session will take place in the Phoenix area and must take place by the end of March. So, any of you that are out of town, you can leave a comment for someone that is in town! It can be a gift from you!

and of course a picture to leave you with. Start commenting today and let others know about the offer as well!


  1. What a fun contest! Bummer I don't live there! I am sure one of my sister-in-laws would love to have a photo session! Celeste

  2. I love your new site, and the photography is beautiful!!! Betty Forstie

  3. kendra! I am kinda sad your new site doesnt have our pics on it!! ha ha! you photographed our wedding in feb 2006 almost time for our three year anniversary. We get sooo many compliments on your pics of us! I have them all over the house! In fact my friend Lynnea is using your sister for her wedding tommarrow! she said that unfortunatly you were not available! Also I heard that last year you had big pics of us up at the wedding expo! Thanks for the moment of celebrity! Anywho thanks soo much for doing such a wonderful job of capturing our wedding memories! We will never forget you! thanks Katie and Kenneth Hughes and Connor too!

  4. Hey. Love the new site. Hope all is going well. I know I've recommended you to numerous people after you did our wedding back in March. Would love to win a photo session since my husband will be on leave from Iraq in the middle of March for our anniversary and it would be great to get some new pictures of us done. :)

    Crystal Mincher 3/19/06

  5. Hi Kendra, I love those pics of christy! Anyways, I haven't had any pics of my boys in a long long time and Gabriel is 2 next month :) Love your pictures.
    Love, Anita Kariniemi

  6. This picture is darling! Heidi Niskanen

  7. Kendra, this picture is cute!! I can't wait to see them all.. was planning to come over yesterday but it was night before i knew again. I just love all your pictures, you get the best out of every person/situation.


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