Friday, August 20, 2010

its Friday!

Whew almost through the first week of school! Tiredness is catching up with the kids and yesterday was a little rough! hope today is better :) Looks like we need to get lots of rest and catch up on some sleep this weekend!

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AND who is ready for a fun Birthday Celebration?? If you are not a Facebook friend, you better get over there before Monday! I have some fun planned to celebrate my Birthday, which is Monday! If you have been planning on or wanting a Photo Session, Monday will be the day you want to be on FB. And with the holidays coming up before we know it, now is the time to start thinking about your Holiday Card images!

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  1. My kindergartner was especially tired and stressed and overwhelmed... we had to hash it out & now he seems like he's good to go. Just takes some adjusting .. going from being home with mom all the time to school everyday. lori

  2. It was more Em, (1st grader!) that had a rough day yesterday! but they both have been a little crabby/testy! hopefully next week is better for all of us.


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