Friday, September 17, 2010

A new plan around here!

So, I think I have finally figured out a way to get the kids excited about helping me out around the house! I get so tired of having to listen to the kids complaining that "I have to do everything around here!" or "It's not my turn!". Or the famous line of "I'm so tired!" I constantly remind them who does ALL the work around here, well besides all the help I get from hubby! So I came up with this little system, that I hope keeps working like it has this week!

Both of the kids in school have behavior charts, that at the end of the week if they didn't need to flip the bear or to the next color, they get a little treasure/treat. And they always look forward to Fridays, so they can get the treat!  So I thought, well we can do that here too!

Each day, I give them a chore (or two and convince them its all one!) If I hear any start of complaining or one of them trying to not do their part, I set the timer for 10 minutes and that gets them doing it real quick! Than after they finish and if they earned the "Dollar" they get one and put it in the pocket!

We also have our little "Treasure Box" (Thanks to animal crackers from Costco!) It is the perfect little bucket for the treats!

Em, made a little holder and wrote the all the rules that we talked about.

So far this week, each day they have been excited to help out so they can get a dollar, so I am hoping it stays like this! A couple of the days, Em has even asked what she can do for another dollar! But, they already know they get one dollar a day and after 6 dollars, they get the treasure box. It has been fun for both of them this week! I am only doing this for the two oldest, not the little kids. I will have to figure out an easier/different system for the "babies"!

What are some of the ways you get your kids excited about doing their chores!?

Happy Friday! Hope you have a fun weekend:)


  1. I have done the treasure box too and have had luck with it, also we do money for "bigger" chores like helping dad pull weeds and clean the garage and he gets 50cents for his savings and then we eventually bring him to pick out something

  2. Good Idea! I've tried stickers but those haven't worked so great! I have a treasure box, maybe the money will mean more. We'll see!

  3. That would be a good prize Lindsey! Real money:) this is just paper money that they get to buy treats with after they have 6! as long as they are excited about paper money, I am happy:)

  4. Cute! I love Em's rules rules rules ! Mom


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