Monday, November 28, 2011

First snow! | Rapid City

We got back to Rapid City on Sunday, went to our house and unloaded our stuff from both vehicles, let the kids explore the house for a bit and then made a few trips back and forth between the storage for some of the more important boxes and our BEDS! Then monday morning started off with early schedules of school and work. During the first week, while getting adjusted and a little more comfortable in our new home it was very busy! Running around, setting up appointments, running to storage, unpacking, etc. made the week fly by! Friday morning started getting cold and by Friday afternoon the snow started coming!

At first the kids couldn't believe it and watched it through the windows, but of course Caitlyn being the first to get out there and play they all eventually followed.

Here is the start of it Friday evening...

It snowed most of the night and still had a light flurry for most of the day Saturday, but here was our view out our back door on Saturday morning! The tape measure came out and it was already at about 6.5 inches and was still falling.

So pretty!

And the view out the front window! Of course we didn't have any type of snow shovel, so we were a little stuck in our driveway!

Finally Sunday the snow came out and the kids couldn't wait to get out there and play! They had to go check out the playground...

And first thing, they wanted  to go sliding on the nice hill right down the block, so off to walmart to get a little sled! They loved it and they sure got alot of use of the sled in the next few days...

They had so much fun, and they can't wait for more snow!

The dogs weren't impressed with the freezing weather, but over the next few days when it warmed up back to the 40s, they were liking it out back!

And just one snap on a drive through town.

It is so beautiful to look at, but not so fun when you need to get out to school in the morning! But we are slowly adding to our snow clothes pile, we got our shovel, and window pics ready to go for the next storm!


  1. love that picture of the houses on the street. and happy to know you are adding to your snow wear pile, and got a shovel!! the kids look so cute! gram

  2. I remember that when Ramona lived there she said snow one day and 60 degrees a day or 2 later!! Looks like your kids loved it!! Denise

  3. The snow is so pretty to look at, going out in it is another story! But its easier when you have the right gear. Fun, you have a playground close by?! Heidi

  4. Yup it was snowy and cold for a few days, then warmed up into the 50s! then the other day was back in the 30s. It goes up and down daily! Yea, Heidi! The playground is about 6 houses down!


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