Friday, May 6, 2011

Have been falling behind in my blogging! I can't believe it is already Friday again! Last weekend I got to go out with my mom, sisters and sisters in law up to one of my sisters cabin! It was such a blast and felt great to get away and spend time with just the girls. But, I will post about that another day.

Back to the original topic: PINTEREST.COM!

I was just introduced to this site a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you! It has been super addicting and now as I am browsing the internet I can easily pin what catches my eye! If you haven't heard of Pinterest, you should really go and check it out. I think you have to be invited to join, and I am pretty sure I can invite up to 6 people, so if you would like to get addicted leave me a comment with your email address and I can send the first how ever many they let me an invite!

I have already made 7 boards and have been busily filling them up! I need to go through and do a little more seperating, because my boards are kind of general and as I fill them up more, I like to keep everything easy to find, so most likely will be seperating them out into many more boards! I also have seen people have a wish list board, to keep track of what they would love for others to buy for them. And since they are always getting asked what they want for birthday/Christmas, now they can just send them to their Pinterest board of gift ideas!

 I have always browsed and if something has caught my eye, I would save it or copy/paste it onto my running word document of inspiration. Or tried to bookmark the page, but then that list would get super long, and you can't, or at least I don't think you can, save individual images, so I would go back to look and had no clue what I liked on the page! With this, I just click on the little pin it button and it saves directly into the board I choose! All of my inspiration right in one place, with the link of the original all right there.

This site is perfect for me to keep track of my inspiration, and it would also be good for anyone from brides planning your wedding, to moms looking for new crafts or recipes! Anything can be kept track of, and it is super easy and addicting! I am finding inspiration from shoes to hairstyles and of course photo inspiration, all the way to kitchen/bath ideas! Also, you can search on pinterest for other pinned images, either by a specific search or just by browsing the different categories and others boards.

So if you need something else to keep you up till midnight, let me know in the comments and I can invite you! Otherwise you can sign up, but I think that there is some sort of waiting list and you have to wait for who knows how long to be accepted or registered.

Anyways, hope to see some of you over there! it is super fun and ADDICTING!


  1. Invite me, I want to try it out! Heidi Niskanen

  2. Hmm I have heard about but not sure if I need anything time consuming but I guess maybe I should/would try it out.Thanks Lindsey

  3. did you guys get your invite? I sent them both, just making sure that I did it right!


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